PERT Practice Test
PERT Practice Test
PERT Practice TEST :-  What You Need To Know For The PERT Test

PERT Practice TEST :-  What You Need To Know For The PERT Test

PERT Practice TEST :-  Get Your Practice For The PERT Test
The key to earning a great score on the PERT test is preparation.  Considering the the importance of the
PERT test, you have made a great start by finding the information to help you prepare for test day.  As
you embark upon your practice, there are three main types of PERT practice tests you will see during your.
practice: insufficient, inconsistent or comprehensive.  Below outlines these types of PERT practice tests.

~   An  insufficient practice gives an incomplete practice that usually provides a small number of practice
     questions and / or gives questions that may not relate directly to the questions tested on the PERT.

~   An inconsistent practice provides practice questions in a scattered pattern - questions usually skip
     from one topic to another without any organized pattern.  In this format, many key test questions.
     may be missed along the way.

~   A comprehensive PERT practice usually offers an extensive number of questions and / or text that
     cover two or three remedial course sequences.  With this practice it may be difficult to determine
     the specific types of questions that are tested on the PERT test.

With this guide in mind, you should carefully look at the type of PERT practice test you are using to
determine your best path for a complete PERT practice in each subtest area.  We hope this helps with
your practice for the PERT test and we wish you all the best with your practicing.
The PERT test is one of the most important tests Florida students take to start their college education
or finish their high school education.  Scores from the PERT test are used to determine students level
of college readiness; scores lower than the PERT test cut-off range* will require students to complete.
several remedial classes in Math, Reading and English before attempting college level courses.
We understand that preparing for the PERT Test can be a frustrating task.  Where do I start, what
questions do I practice, and how am I going to learn this Math, Reading and Writing -  I've been out.
of school for a while and I haven't done much in the way of school work.  And, my schedule is so full,
where am I going to find the time to start or even finish a complete practice for the PERT?.

Your practice doesn't have to be frustrating. You can start slowly with just one section at a time and
gradually work your way through each section to learn all the types of questions needed for the PERT.
PERT Practice TEST :-  What You Need To Know For The PERT Test
The PERT Test
The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT or P.E.R.T.) is the common placement test used in the
Florida College System and Florida’s high schools to determine students college or career readiness.  The
test has three subtests in Math, Reading and Writing.  Each subtest has 30 multiple choice questions.

The test is computer adaptive, meaning that the computer program chooses your next question based on
your previous answer.  Students are not allowed to go back after answering a question.  There is no time
limit for completing the PERT.  On the math subtest, students cannot use a calculator for most questions;
a pop-up calculator is available for specific questions on the test.
~   Students transferring from a private middle or high school to a public high school in Florida

~   Florida public high school students in 11th grade with FCAT scores below level 5

~   Students planning to pursue dual enrollment at a Florida accredited college

~   Incoming college students to one of Florida 28 community-state college

~   Current college students in one of Florida's community-state colleges who wants
     to retake the PERT test to earn a higher score and place into college-level courses.
PERT Practice Test - Practice for Success
PERT Test Overview

PERT Test Overview

Who takes the Florida Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)?

Who takes the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)?

PERT Practicing is the Key to Achieving Astronomical Test Scores

PERT Practicing is the Key to Enhancing Your Test Scores

Source - Valencia College: PERT / CPT Reading & Writing Review

PERT Practice Test

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PERT Practice TEST :-  What You Need To Know For The PERT Test

PERT Math Practice Test
PERT Practice Test
Average PERT Test Score
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Points Below Average








PERT Test Scores - Facts and Figures

PERT Test Scores - Facts & Figures

Source - Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)

PERT Practice Test

PERT Practice Test - English Reading Review Guide
PERT Practice Test - English Reading Review Guide
PERT Practice Test - English Reading Review Guide
PERT Practice Test - English Review

PERT Practice Test

PERT Practice Test:

The PERT test has shown to be challenging for most students, especially in the area of math.  See the
table below that outlines the average PERT test scores and the points below the average recorded by.
students taking the PERT.
It's Your Education: Get Your Practice For Success On The PERT Test
PERT Math Practice Test

Your Practice for the PERT Test

PERT Math Practice Test